Rankings Home

Here at CTR we provide lots of great ways to look at rankings. Below is an explanation of each of the types of rankings available in the menu. Try the various options out and enjoy!

These are the currently published ITA Rankings, along what the next published rankings will look like given all results entered as of the time listed. You will find the Next ranking date along with the time the projected rankings were updated under the title. In addition, all results that make those rankings appear below the rankings. Both tables can be sorted and searched.
If you really want to get into things try the What-If rankings that let you enter results for upcoming matches to see how they will affect the rankings. Enter a new result below the rankings by selecting a Winner and Loser and whether it was a Home/Away/Neutral win. Add multiple rows if you like. When done simply press the Calculate button and your "What-If" rankings will be displayed.

If you want to understand how the rankings actually work check out our explanation of Rankings Explained