CTR Live Top 25

Below you will find the current CTR Live Top 25. Note that this IS NOT the ITA Top 25, this is our own ranking updated daily as matches occur. It is not a weekly poll.

For details on each team including our projected lineup just click the team.
1. Ohio State University
2. University of Florida
3. Wake Forest University
4. University of Texas
5. North Carolina
6. University of Virginia
7. TCU
8. Columbia University
9. Stanford University
10. University of Southern California
11. Baylor University
12. Mississippi State University
13. Texas A&M University
14. UCLA
15. University of Illinois
16. University of Michigan
17. University of Notre Dame
18. University of Oklahoma
19. California
20. University of Tennessee
21. University of Alabama
22. Florida State University
23. University of South Carolina
24. University of Minnesota
25. NC State